We offer commercial real estate in Gurgaon, and we aim to make our client’s real estate transaction a delightful and trouble free experience. Keyator is familiar with offering a widespread range of commercial real estate services, and the core of our services is based on making the real estate transaction of our clients a memorable and hassle-less experience. We work with a broad base of esteemed clientele, who aspires of buying the house of their dreams, and we assist them every step of the way to make their wish come true!

Keyator offers an array of commercial, residential or luxury apartments under a prescribed budget, and we work with a team of proficient investors that anticipate a high return on investment in the module of the real estate industry. We work collaboratively with our investors as well as customers to garner a high return on investment and valuable properties within a short span of time. We are committed to work as long-term property consultants for our clients.


What Do We Do?

Keyator has established itself as a professional and reliable company on the grounds of the real estate market. We have employed a handful of trained and proficient real estate agents under our care, who are adamant on taking the needs and requirements of our clients to a next level by providing them with first-class real estate properties.
We take immense pride in capitalizing our business on the merits of integrity, honest, and trust-based relationship with our clients. Keyator indulges in offering services in the domain of commercial and residential properties, and it has become one of the leading real estate consultants in Gurgaon. We strongly pride ourselves on offering our clients with relevant, implementable, and reliable information regarding the real estate agency.



Mr. Ayaan Khan


About Director :

Mr. Ayaan Khan Founder of Keyator Realty Services who has ten years plus experience in commercial real estate that one of the reasons people are investing in retail shops in Gurgaon and commercial property/space is due to the rise in the fashion of spending at big supermarkets and Malls. In addition, most people are likely to spend their weekends and free time at Malls and High street markets.
Another major reason he stated on why to invest in Gurgaon is the sudden boom in the trend of investment in Luxury Residential Apartments and Penthouse in the country that is clearly visible thus resulting in the boom of Investment in Commercial / Retail Property.


How Do We Work?

As a pioneer in the industry of real estate consulting, we are solely committed to scoring a top position in the real estate industry. We firmly believe that finalizing a property deal is more valuable than simply signing paperwork and making a payment. We work in collaboration with our clients, and we see them as our partners that we work with to make informed and realistic decisions regarding the transaction of a property.
We work on the merits of core values inclusive of honesty, knowledge, and transparency, and we make sure that our clients are well-informed prior to signing a property deal.
As a company, we aim to address the challenges that occur when buying a real estate property. We are solely committed to bringing a positive change in the domain of residential and commercial real estate industry.
Keyator is committed to deliver premium-quality value to its clients. We are ambitious of becoming a top priority of our clients based in Gurgaon.


Who Do We Work With?

Keyator works with a team of professionally trained real estate professionals and real estate agents, who are vastly familiar with the needs of clients in the growing industry of real estate. Our team of experts is familiar with understanding real estate market trends and consumer needs when it comes to making a transaction.